What is Cross Platform Publisher?

Cross Platform Publisher (XPP) is a complete digital content production and content management solution that comprehensively addresses the challenges organisations face in a changing digital content landscape. It is a business advantage for small, medium and large organisations that wish to leverage the value of their digital assets.

Cross Platform Publisher slashes the costs and reduces complexities while increasing productivity, production quality and business agility. You don't need multiple applications and service suppliers when you use Cross Platform Publisher. It comes complete with all the tools you need to instantly creates multiple formats from a single, controlled XHTML5 source file.

What does it do?

  • Provides a complete digital content production solution. All the tools you need for advanced digital content production are included for all formats including multiple print editions through to e-books of all types.
  • Gives you total control over your content. Your digital content is always under your control and always ready to work. No more sending your content files to off-shore production houses. If you use service providers, they can connect to your system.
  • Digitise once. Use Forever. Once your content is in the system the one source file can be used to generate any format. It can be easily updated for future format requirements. You content is instantly ready and available to work.
  • Reduce Costs. Significantly reduces total production costs and generates new digital content value.
  • Simplify production. Makes digital content production easy and straight-forward.
  • Creates any and all formats. Cross Platform Publisher handles every format available and can be easily extended as new requirements emerge

What formats can be created?

Cross Platform Publisher instantly delivers the new digital content business strategies every publisher needs now while strengthening current print strategies. It is the only system that can instantly deliver multiple print editions, multiple e-book editions AND sophisticated packages for any business requirement. Because it is a powerful dynamic template system it can be used for:

  • Born digital content such as interactive and rich media e-books and supporting modules, sites or portals. The same application can create your print and ePubs AND supporting promotional and resource sites.
  • Trade books of all types, including complex layouts. Your print book can be mono while your digital formats can support full colour.
  • Academic documents including books, journals and articles. MathML is natively supported.
  • Textbooks. K-12 and Tertiary with or without interactivity. Also produce supporting on-line/off-line resources and SCORM packages instantly and easily.
  • Manuals. For products, training and other corporate documentation. Student and instructor edition content can be maintained in the same master file.
  • Print PDF, Online PDF, ePub 2, ePub 3 - n any format, flow/fixed layout and interactive, Amazon formats, packages such as SCORM, web apps, static sites and more.

What types of documents can be imported?

Cross Platform Publisher has a number of ways for you to import content into the solution from your desktop environments.

  • Wordprocessor manuscripts - Manuscripts can be imported and instantly ready for format generation. Wordprocessor styles can customised to match house requirements. Manuscripts can contain images - Alternative text is preserved to allow the creation of accessible ePubs.
  • ePub files - Old ePub files can be imported, restyled, value added and upgraded for ePub3, Kindle KF8 and any other format.
  • Standard DocBook - Get out of the DocBook rut. If you have legacy files import them and upgrade to FoundationXHTML.
  • Daisy XHTML - ePub3 has become the new accessibility standard. You can import existing files and republish them as ePubs.
  • Customisable - If you have legacy XML the in-built cross walk processor is ready to be customised. Cross Platform Publisher can handle the most sophisticated XML DTDs or Schemas.

What are the major features?

  • Management Interface - Comprehensive account, project and document management designed to manage thousands of books/documents easily, forever.
  • Editing Interface - Writer has all the tools for content and XML editing in every language and for all format requirements. It is a no-XML view XML editor.
  • Formats on Demand - Integrated Formats on Demand included. Produce all print, e-book and other formats instantly. Handle any number of generation tasks.
  • Typography - Typography in the Browser provides the tools to simultaneously typeset multiple print editions from one master XHTML file.
  • Media Manager - The integrated media management application handles images for all formats, audio, video and more. Upload a print image and all e-book format images are generated automatically.
  • Font Manager - A powerful CSS-3 tool that lets you manage and use fonts interactively. Handles OTF font features, font sub-setting, WOFF conversion, obfuscation and much more.
  • Interactive Design - Document Designer and a sophisticated CSS editor included. Delivering interactive CSS styling, design and layout tools.
  • Instant View - The integrated Reader panel gives you an instant online and PDF view of the output at any time. No waiting for a processor.

What's Foundation XHTML?

The system is built on a trusted and maintained XHTML(5) tagging pattern strategy developed with over 12 years of experience producing millions of pages of content in all genres for hundreds of publishers around the world. We call it FoundationXHTML (FX).

FX is not a proprietary format or approach it is a controlled and maintained foundation that can be built on for any other requirement (similar to XML but without the punitive costs and inflexibility).

Customisation is built in at every point in Cross Platform Publisher so you can quickly define your own requirements. If you have existing XML files that have become unusable they can easily be imported and crosswalked to FX to ensure all content is the same. It is the quality of FoundationXHTML that ensures consistent, reusable, high quality content while providing the production cost savings delivered by Cross Platform Publisher.